China concludes first phase of tests of hypersonic drones for civilian use

Researchers test a component of the Nanqiang No 1 hypersonic drone in a laboratory in China’s Fujian Province. Photo: Xiamen University.

Chinese engineers have completed the first phase of Nanqiang 1 test, a Hypersonic drones for civilian use are designed to reach six times the speed of sound.

According to scientists, the final version of The plane can carry up to 10 passengers for distances of more than 6000 km at Mach 6 (six times the speed of sound), which is enough to get anywhere on Earth in less than two hours.

As detailed by researchers at South China Morning PostNanqiang 1 is equipped with the latest combined cycle engine, including a pair of turboprops, a small rocket and two air-breathing ‘ramjet’ engines.

When taking off from the runway, the designers say, the two turbines provide plenty of thrust at speeds below Mach 2. The small rocket will speed the plane up to Mach 4, and the “jet” engines will give it the necessary power to reach its speed. Mach 6 cruise.

If there are no setbacks, experts hope to complete the manufacture of hypersonic aircraft in less than six years. However, Yin Zeyong, co-author of the research, said there are still details to be tuned, such as the brake and emergency landing systems.

(With information from RT)

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