China-Africa Cooperation Forum for greater synergy between the two parties

According to official spokesman Mao Ning, this will be a suitable occasion to exchange governance, enhance cooperation plans according to the needs of both sides, and promote a high-level bilateral community with a shared future.

The spokesman provided these details when evaluating the recent visit by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to four African countries as successful.

He emphasized in particular that the President's diplomatic agenda made it possible to address bilateral relations and regional and international issues of common interest.

According to Mao, during their visits to Egypt, Togo, Tunisia and Ivory Coast, the parties reached broad consensus, enhanced political mutual trust, and promoted exchanges and cooperation in all fields.

He added that the countries concerned reaffirmed their commitment to the one-China principle and their support for the efforts of the Asian giant to protect national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

During the tour, African countries and China called for an orderly, multipolar world, as well as “globally beneficial and inclusive” economic globalization.

“Working hand in hand on the path to modernization, the two parties will remain committed to the hallmark of solidarity and coordination in the Global South,” the spokesman stressed.

After its natural sphere of influence in Asia, Beijing has turned to Africa, a continent where it has strengthened South-South cooperation in an effort to establish a new global governance.

China, which classifies itself as part of the developing world, believes that no country should be left behind in the global modernization process, and is in dialogue with major institutions such as the African Union to enhance cooperation in various sectors.

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Strategies such as the Belt and Road Initiative proposed in 2013, and more recently the Global Development Initiative, are a priority destination for resources and projects on that continent, especially those related to infrastructure construction.


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