Chilean presidential candidates will conclude their campaign on Thursday

Caracas. – This Thursday, Chile’s presidential candidates will close their election campaigns with one last call to pay for their government programs during events in the capital Santiago and other cities in the country.

Seven candidates compete in the race for the Palacio de La Moneda: The candidate by the Coalition of the Left I Approve Dignity, Gabriel Borek, one of the candidates, will culminate his campaign in the Plaza de Armas in Casablanca, in the Valparaíso region.

Meanwhile, the far right, Jose Antonio Caste, will close, with a massive act in the municipality of Las Condes in this capital.

The candidate of the New Social Compact, Jasna Provot, will end her campaign in the city of Concepcion, and Sebastian Seychelles of the official coalition Chile Bodemod Mas, will end her campaign in the capital.

Also running as presidential candidates are Marco Enriquez-Ominami, of the Progressive Party, Eduardo Artes, of the National Union, and economist Franco Baresi, of the People’s Party.

According to studies, none of the candidates comes close to half the votes plus one to win the first round, so the second will be necessary on December 19.

Experts believe that this will be the most uncertain election in recent years due to the high number of people who do not know who to vote for, to which the abstention is added.

More than 15 million people were called to the polls next Sunday to elect representatives, senators and members of regional councils.

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