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La canciller chilena, Antonia Urrejola, afirmó el domingo (15.05.2022) que está a favor de que Cuba, Nicaragua y Venezuela participen en la Cumbre de las Américas y agregó que en los últimos años “la exclusión no ha maado de resultados human rights”.

“Everyone knows what is the position of the president (progressive Gabriel Borek) regarding the human rights situation in those countries, and also the position of my country. But what we have been insisting on in bilateral talks (…) is that I hope this is the case,” the chancellor said in an interview with a newspaper. La Terceira “widest possible peak”.

The US State Department, the country that will host the continental meeting in June, has confirmed that it is ruling out inviting Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to attend the Summit of the Americas because it considers it “disrespectful” of democracy.

But White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Wednesday that invitations had not yet been sent because “there is no final decision.”

Dialogue “despite the differences”

According to the Chilean Foreign Minister, regardless of differences or beliefs regarding human rights, “post-pandemic, with the economic crisis, is also a time when there is room for dialogue that transcends differences.”

Origola clarified that Chile’s attendance at the forum would not be subject to the participation of these countries, as expressed by Mexico and Bolivia, and added that he hoped that many other heads of state would not stop attending if that was the case.

“The region is very fragmented, it’s becoming polarized, and in a way, under President (of the United States) Biden, it’s going to be important to be able to speak beyond the differences,” he said.

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At the summit, the foreign minister said Borek, a former left-wing student leader who has repeatedly denounced human rights abuses committed in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, will work at the summit to foster new leadership.

The Summit of the Americas, the main diplomatic forum for the American continent, will be held in Los Angeles (California) from June 6-10, the first time organized by the United States since the first edition, in 1994.

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