Chihuahuas have many ticks. We Draw Risks: Jaime Adams

It was an interview for That physician in biomedical sciences, a researcher and teacher in the UACH School of Chemical Sciences who told the project he is currently implementing with EntomoVet, to create a map that identifies dangerous animals and other pathogens — known as vectors of interest — in all areas of the state.

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Pathogen vector catalog.

EntomoVet is a multidisciplinary group of veterinarians, biologists, chemists, biotechnologists, animal husbandry specialists and others “to conduct sampling in all municipalities of the state of Chihuahua to identify animals we have associated in a particular way with mosquitoes, but also to transfer sampling of vectors of human health and veterinary interest: ticks , mosquitoes, if we come across lice, bed bugs, etc. “

Chihuahua, tick danger.

“We have a lot of ticks in the capital,” warned Dr. Jaime Adam Gallegos, who they identified after investigations and why they would take their risk map to the entire state.

Another example is “we have some isolated cases of malaria transmission from the mountainous region.”

“We have viruses that have been identified in the northern borders and various regions,” he added.

With its catalog of pathogens that can make humans or animals sick, the Ministry of Health and other health authorities at the local and federal levels will be able to have an up-to-date record of prevention and health work.

The right time to search?

He agreed that the pandemic opens up the possibility of improving research, for the benefit of the population, because Mexico has gone through years with a lack of economic resources.

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“Lack of funding is a problem. You can have ideas, not ideas…”, the doctor said.

And part of the activities of academics and universities is awareness, the key to development.

The pandemic has put words like viruses, antibodies and vaccines on everyone’s lips. With such a simple fact, it sounds like a side effect, perhaps a positive for the natural sciences and medicine. If there is a change in support or calls, we are open to participating on a private or public initiative,” said the Academic Coordinator for the College of Chemical Sciences.

risk prevention.

He called for thinking, above all, about the diseases transmitted by ticks, because of the danger they pose to the family.

On a personal level “caring for pets, it is clear that the emergency should be careful, check the conditions of the yard, check whether it is outside or inside the house, checking it constantly, disposing of it and taking it to the vet. It is important to maintain the conditions of “cleanliness.”

Chihuahuas with the ability to identify coronavirus variants.

He stressed that Chihuahua has people trained in identifying coronavirus variants, such as delta, which is the highest rate of transmission identified internationally and in relation to the third wave of COVID-19.

Although it is necessary to assess whether the entity has the infrastructure required to run the genetic sequence of the various cases of the virus that have been confirmed in Chihuahua, there is “federal health district guidance for implementing notifications”.

“We can totally do it here, the infrastructure may be lacking, but there are people who know how to do it and they can do it,” he admitted to Chihuahua lab workers.

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