Chico Buarque, receiving the Camus Prize during Lula’s visit to Portugal

The Camus Award was awarded to a Brazilian music star in 2019, but former far-right President Jair Bolsonaro refused to sign the documents needed to formally hand over the award to the singer and writer, who is known for his commitment to the left and against the party. Brazilian military dictatorship (1964-1985).

“I am relieved that the former president had the great honor of not tarnishing Camus’ prize,” the winner declared at a ceremony held at the Queluz Palace in the western suburbs of Lisbon.

“This award is a response from the censored talent,” declared the current Brazilian president.

Having returned to power since January, Lula wants to relaunch diplomatic relations with key interlocutors in Brazil, after the years of isolation that characterized his predecessor.

Following Argentina, Uruguay, the United States, and most recently China, Lula kicked off a state visit this weekend to Portugal, Brazil’s former colonial power.

The Camoes Prize was established in 1988 by Brazil and Portugal to honor Lusophone composers who contribute to the recognition of the Portuguese language.

By tradition it is alternately attributed to a Portuguese, a Brazilian, or a citizen of one of the Portuguese-speaking African countries.

Brazilian Jorge Amado and Portuguese Jose Saramago are among the most famous recipients of the award.

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