Charlotte will inherit a precious gem from Princess Diana

The British press has been speculating about the fate of Tiara Spencer, one of the royal family’s most famous jewels, which belongs to Princess Diana, and can now inherit to Princess Charlottedaughter Prince William, o Lilibet Dianadaughter Prince Harry, born June 4th.

On July 29, 1981, Diana Spencer arrived at St Paul’s Cathedral in London accompanied by her father. Earl Spencerfor her wedding with him, Prince Charles. The thing that attracted a lot of attention that day was the tiara that adorned Mrs. Di’s hair.

It’s a family heirloom known as Tiara Spencer, which has been in the hands of the Diana family for over a century. type part the gang Made of diamonds come from a set Mrs. Sarah Spencer, which was acquired in 1870.

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge at the wedding of Princess Eugenie of York and Jack Brooksbank.Getty Images

In 1919, Mrs. Sarah gave him as a wedding gift Mrs. Cynthia HamiltonDiana’s grandmother. In 1930, the piece was sent to a jeweler to have it modified and the result is what we know today.

Diana wasn’t the only one who used these effects, because her sisters Mrs. Sarah Spencer And Mrs. Jane SpencerThey also wore it on their wedding day, which happened long before Princess Diana’s day. Victoria Lockwood I also wear the crown when you get married Charles SpencerLady Di’s younger brother in 1989.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana arrive at Buckingham Palace on their wedding day.Getty Images

With all this valuable history behind Tiara Spencer, the British media is now creating a novel about a feud between two girls: Princess Charlotte, six, and Lillibet Diana, just four months old.

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And it was the newspaper “The Mirror” that reported that the daughter of William and Kate Middleton You can keep the jewel that Princess Diana wore on her wedding day. A source told the newspaper that she will have the opportunity to choose palace jewelry once she is old enough, plus she has an advantage because her father is second in line to the throne.

Currently, Tiara Spencer is in the hands of Count Charles Spencer, and, according to the informant, from Buckingham Palace, they are fighting for the return of the piece and for it to remain in the hands of Charlotte.

The source commented: “Prince William is well aware that the Earl has daughters, but they have agreed that Diana’s iconic piece belongs to his first granddaughter.” This decision completely excludes Lillipet Diana from looking forward to the jewel.

About Prince Harry’s daughter and Meghan MarkleThere is currently a major nuisance on the part of Buckingham Palace, as it is believed that her parents would baptize her in the US rather than the UK.

According to The Telegraph, there is a very high probability that Lillibeth Diana will receive the Eucharist in the Episcopal Church of the USA, a member of the universal Anglican denomination. This rumor makes sense because the bishop, Michael Carey, is the head of the said church, and he was responsible for organizing the mass for Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

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