Cepillín health deteriorates. Enter Intensive Therapy

The health of the clown and the actor Ricardo Gonzalez “Sibylline” It got complicated. This afternoon he was accepted intensive care Due to heart failure and pneumonia, his son Ricardo confirmed this over the phone.

Ricardo said, “This happens after this powerful operation that he performed, which is what we have always feared because of his history of heart attacks and others.” Globalism.

He explained, “I hope I can move forward, they are doing their best to improve his heart rate and manage this pneumonia.”

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The son of the presenter spent the morning with “Cepillín”. In this regard, he said he was sleepy.

“We saw his heavy chest and thought it was just phlegm, then no,” he said.

Cepillín would have been in intensive care between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM this Sunday. The operation that the presenter went through lasted for a week: on Saturday he was about to fall from the stairs but managed to hang onto the fence; As a result of the pain he was subjected to, he was taken to hospital on Sunday and underwent an operation in which 8 toenails were placed.

At first it was imagined that he would be discharged from the hospital in Satellite TV on Friday or Saturday, and until this morning his son made it clear that it would be possible to transfer him on Tuesday, but now his condition will change as his health progresses.

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Ricardo said: “We were all devastated, and we did not expect him to come out of surgery, and we thought that everything was fine, so things became complicated.”

“The prognosis (the doctors) is neutral, they say every patient is different and they cannot give me a prognosis.”


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