Celebrities and their recommendations for implementing New Year’s resolutions | Famous

So, here we have the recommendations they gave on their social networks which can also help you.

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to read more books.

So the urban genre singer helped her Instagram followers do just that, recommending Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ work: “Women Run With Wolves.”

The book addresses the stereotypes that society imposes on women and helps them embrace their essence without fear of being considered weak.

A battle that Carol G knows firsthand, because because of her gender she had to face many problems when entering the world of reggaeton. Play the video To find out the details.

Carol J hated being a woman: she encountered a world a 14-year-old girl shouldn’t know

More than just a physical recommendation, former Garibaldi shared good advice to her fans on Instagram by reminding them that they should be more daring and adventurous in their daily lives.

Wearing skates, she showed that there are no excuses for adventure, but it requires persistence or it will never get to you.

“Life is an adventure! Dare to live that no one else would do for you.”

For her part, the singer of Cuban and Mexican origin recommended the movie Encanto (2021), because she was influenced by the Latin representation in it.

Which is that the production of Walt Disney Pictures took Colombian culture as its inspiration, thus depicting the ethnic diversity of the country: its different customs, its traditional clothing and even the issue of forced displacement.

In fact, Camila Cabello wasn’t the only Latino person who felt represented by the characters in the movie.

2-year-old boy Kenzo Brooks couldn’t stop smiling when he saw Antonio’s sights due to his superhuman likeness. Play the video To see the photo of the moment went viral.

This little boy was surprised to “see himself” in the magic of a Disney movie

As for the heroine of the novel “Maria del Barrio” (1979), art helped her find peace within, as she herself stated that painting “takes her to another level.”

Best of all, you do it digitally so you don’t have to worry about getting dirty or having to buy a lot of stuff.

“I’m obsessed with drawing. It takes me to another level. I do different layers for the amazing project I’m making.”

Via her Instagram account, the actress expressed that her primary goal in 2022 is “self-care”, i.e. personal care with a focus on mental health.

When she shared with her followers that to break away from the routine and relax, she watches a movie or series before bed with red wine.

In itself, “self-care” seeks to reduce stress levels by incorporating new habits into routines that help clear the mind and promote activity performance for pleasure rather than commitment.

It could be reading a book like Karol G, spending time with friends or family, learning a new activity like cooking, playing sports, or taking up a new hobby.

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