Celebrities and influencers with the most fake followers on Instagram

There are many celebrities who have their own accounts Instagram And many other people were born as a result of this celebrity social red Thus, they became influential. famous and famous Instagram They have millions of followers from all over the world, but are they all real? We know that there is a possibility to “buy” followers created from fake accounts But Who are the celebrities with the most number of this type of account? The answer is very surprising.

Celebrities with the most fake followers

when you are in social networks face Profiles of people with many followersIt is always a good idea to ask yourself a question: How many are real and how many are fake?, perhaps paid? And beware that this situation does not only happen with some influencers who are actually “born” from social media. Even VIPs are not exempt from all this if we take into account the data collected on celebrities and fake Instagram accounts.

The data comes from fast shots, the UK internet provider, which Reveal the 25 most important accounts with the Higher percentage of fake followers.

The Jenner Sisters and Fake Accounts

According to what they counted First place will be Kylie Jenner . Among his 223.5 million followers on Instagram, there are 63,697,500 fake accounts. Good 40% of followers are fakeTo which will be added 28.50% of suspicious accounts. Very amazing data.

Silver medal for his sister Kendall Jenner . Among his 157.6 million followers on IG, 42867,200 followers are fake accounts, or what is the same 37% of his followers may not exist.

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Third, we find Actress Blake Lively Gossip Girl Serena who has 28.3 million followers 27% are suspicious and 37% are wrong.

Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian…

in fourth place Justin Bieber: 168.7 million followers Pop star totals, ones 45380300 fake. That equates to 37% for that, as Fastshots reported. In fifth place is Rihanna with 36% fake profiles, while in sixth place we have one direction previously Zain Malik fake accounts 35%.

Kim kardashian ranks seventh with 212.3 million followers, of which 54,348,800 appear to be fake. They are 34% of his followers. LeBron James In eighth place. 81.7 million followers of the basketball star, including 20,588,400 fake accounts 34% of the total followers.

ninth place for Kourtney Kardashian, with 115 million followers, of which 28,865,000 are “fakes”. (34%) and 10th place for rapper and singer Bad Bunny : 31.7 million followers On Instagram, but who are those 7925000 would be an error (equal to 33%).

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