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This celebration highlights the commitment best interests of children

The lady receives the well-deserved praise of appreciation. Iphigenia Martinez

They appoint a doctor. Juana I Navarrete Martinez Genetics Coordinator at this college

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Lasalodymex. At the Faculty of Medicine of UNAM for the fourth time World Newborn Screening Day. This celebration highlights the commitment to the best interests of children, enshrined in the Public Health Law as a fundamental right for all newborns in Mexico, which is also reflected in the National Health Card.

Since 2021, June 28 has been designated as the day of celebration in Mexico. National Newborn Screening Day, It is worth noting that the bill was promoted by Cibras Mexico with Senator. Ifigenia Martínez and former Senator Américo Villarreal, on this date, efforts are being made at the national and state levels to create awareness and visibility about the importance of these sieves.

And for this reason, last Thursday, June 28, in UNAM Faculty of Medicine, The 4th National Newborn Screening Celebration was held under the slogan “Towards the diagnosis and care of rare diseases.”

It was the hall. Dr. Fernando Ocaranza This college served as the venue for this celebration with a series of presentations and rich talks between distinguished academics, students, lawmakers and members of the university community.

This meeting was chaired by A. Dr. Ana Elena Limon Rojas, Head of the Graduate Studies Department From this house of studies and had a distinguished presence Sen. Professor Evgenia MartinezWhich received a very warm reception accompanied by a certificate awarded to her for her valuable and influential message in service and legislative positions for the benefit of health in our country, highlighting her support for the implementation of newborn screening and rare diseases.

at the same time, Representative Emmanuel Reyes CarmonaProvide a brief description of the legislative steps that have been taken to advance these proposals.

Dr. Juanita Martinez, Genetics Coordinator

Immediately after the welcome and messages from the Presidency, the speeches of the honorable speakers who took the microphone began, under the active leadership of the Presidency. Dr. Adrian Garcia Cruz Head of Department

Embryology and Genetics Faculty member, one of the promoters of this distinguished event.

He was the first to go to the pulpit. Dr. Juana Ines Navarrete MartinezShe thanked the university authorities for the confidence they placed in her work, career and talent when she was appointed. Genetics Coordinator From this prestigious college, and later also the director Scientific Committee of the Zebra of Mexico will relate History and development of newborn screening in Mexico.

Celebration of World Newborn Screening Day at UNAM Faculty of Medicine

While the manager Mexican Women’s Foundation And Mexican zebra, Jacqueline Tovar Casas, The second speaker was talking about Influencing public policy and clarifying efforts, Stressing the importance of continuing to work on continuous training at the national level, especially with doctors in the field of training and health professionals, given the importance of examining newborns and knowing rare diseases.

Later Dr. Monica Villa Guillén, President of the Mexican Neonatology Federation and former Medical Director of the Federico Gomez Children’s Hospital in MexicoI covered the topic 5 newborn checkups and national health card (Vaccination) and its importance

For her part, Dr. said: Viridiana Arevalo Fragoso. responsible for Newborn Screening Program at ISSSTE I am talking about Experience in newborn screening programs at ISSSTE

when he took the floor Dr. David Cervantes Barragán, Head of the Department of Genetics at the Central Hospital of Sur in Pemex, He expressed his gratitude for being invited and being part of the group of experts and recounted his experiences in the newborn screening programs at Petróleos Mexicanos.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, a series of questions and answers were held with the speakers and their guests.

*Types of newborn monitors

1. Metabolic screen: Looks for inborn errors of metabolism and other metabolic diseases that can be treated with early interventions.

2. Heart examination: Detects congenital heart diseases that cause oxygen deficiency, allowing early interventions to correct these defects.

3. Hearing screen: Identifies hearing loss or impairment, which is critical to language and communication development in children.

4. Ophthalmology screen: It detects changes in eye structures and retinopathy of prematurity, allowing for treatments that can prevent blindness.

5. Hip screen: It helps detect congenital hip dysplasia, a treatable condition that can prevent future disabilities if detected early.

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