Celebrating Afro-descendant Day inaugurated in Costa Rica – Prensa Latina

The observance of this day seeks for the first time to promote respect for their human rights and fundamental freedoms, to contribute to the elimination of all forms of discrimination against people of African descent and to promote the diversity of heritage and extraordinary contributions of the African diaspora.

President Carlos Alvarado, Senior Vice President Epsy Campbell, and UNFPA Regional Director for America and the Caribbean (ANFPA), Harold Robinson.

The Costa Rican President highlighted “the value that Afro-Culture has given the nation is immeasurable, and for this reason it is just and necessary to recognize the tireless efforts of those women and men who have defied history, laws and injustice, to obtain their freedom first. And secondly, because their rights are recognized as well as the rights of all.” ‘.

Alvarado emphasized our commitment to repaying this historic debt, but not only during the celebration, but by actions beyond the celebrations.

The head of TIKO received from a group of children a message in which they call a country where the color of the skin is not a reason for discrimination, where there is security for circulation without fear of being harmed, with access to health, work and recognition of cultural heritage.

Campbell, the first Afro-Costa Rican to hold this high position, said that this celebration will be an additional reason for us in our countries to redouble efforts, build alliances, and continue to work to eradicate racism, discrimination and historical concealment. They have been of African descent for years.

“Today is a day of celebration for all peoples of the world of African descent,” he said.

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For his part, Robinson noted that “these are key milestones in recognizing the heritage, culture and contribution of people of African descent to the development of their societies, but also to continue the struggle for full respect for their human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

During the cultural event they presented the song I come from a land, glorifying people of African descent in all its diversity.

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