Celebrate World Poetry Day

Today, promoters from all over the world celebrate World Poetry Day, one of humanity’s most necessary linguistic expressions of being a catalyst for dialogue and peace at a global level.

In Canada, the celebration includes academic venues such as Brock University where a free online poetry event will be held, the announcement of the winners of the 2022 Sustainability Poetry Competition, and a workshop on the role of the written word in promoting sustainability. efforts.

Meanwhile, in Colombia, Cali’s Minister of Culture is joining this celebration with a full agenda, which includes concerts, workshops and aloud readings, with a commitment to keeping this type of writing alive throughout history in all cultures and on all continents.

For Spain, the Municipal Public Libraries Network is spearheading multiple proposals such as reading marathons, gifts in the form of poems, points of interest for poetry of all time and honoring the Cervantes José Hierro Prize in its centenary year.

The Literary Society Call urges the Nigerian government to support poets, especially young people, through creative platforms and centers that can serve as a springboard for professional growth.

World Day, which is celebrated on March 21 every year, was established in 1999 and changed the first date set by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as it coincided with Book Day.

It also recognizes how poetry can be used as a social tool to raise awareness of social issues, give a voice to society, promote linguistic diversity, and change the way people see their place in the world.

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