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Two of the nation’s major sporting championships leaders have welcomed the recent reopening of the Colosseum amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Director of the Supreme National Basketball Championship (BSN), José Sola, and the President of the Puerto Rican Volleyball Federation (FPV), Dr. Cesar Trappanco, rated the “good news” as “good news”, with 30 percent of the fans in the Colosseum getting “good news” of the island from Monday.

This loosening is among the new provisions of Governor Pedro Pierloese’s Executive Order against covid-19, which will be in effect until June 6, and among them is also the abolition of the curfew.

“This is good news for sport, Puerto Rican society, and mainly the mental health of this people,” said Trappanco optimistically, who was fine-tuning the details until a few days ago to achieve the audience’s presence at the head of state’s matches. Female Volleyball League (LVSF).

The executive order also states that “Those who attend must be fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the FDA or have a negative result for covid-19 from a viral test.”

Trappanco fully supported this requirement. “I agree to request evidence of vaccine and negative test. Strongly agree. Vaccine is especially because it is a protection. Endocrinologist said by profession that the test is negative today and positive tomorrow speaker.

LVSF will start its next round on June 15th.

However, Trabanco and Solá both predict that 30 percent of the audience permitted in the arenas will soon increase to 50 percent.

“We aspire to reach 50 percent by the end of June,” Trapanco said.

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Sula commented, “BSN has ambitions and still is 50 percent.” The tournament will start on July 10 with the participation of 12 teams.

“Any opening at this stage – with just over a month left before the season begins – is good news and they are elements that help us further develop planning for how to handle the entry of fans into the Coliseum,” he said.

LVSF and BSN – along with the Double A Superior Baseball Championship – will be the first leagues to start their seasons with fans in the stands after the latest government easing.

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