Cecyte awarded recognition to participants in scientific projects

Editorial/Quadratín Tlaxcala

TLAXCALA, Tlax., January 28, 2024.- The Tlaxcala State College of Scientific and Technological Studies (CECyTE) and the Centers for Higher Secondary and Distance Education (EMSaD) recognized the talent of the students and advisors who participated in the “1st Competition of Young Explorers of Science and Technology 2023”, teachers who participated in The first state conference of the New Tlaxcalteca Educational Model (NOMET) and STEM Olympiad (focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics), at the end of last year.

The development and promotion of scientific projects brought together more than 80 school projects, with three teams receiving credits to participate in ExpoCiencias Nacional 2024, scheduled to be held in Tabasco.

In this context, the head of the State Secretariat of Public Education and the Educational Services Unit of Tlaxcala (SEPE-USET), Homero Meneses Hernández, praised the efforts of students, teachers and directors of the educational subsystem and affirmed his support for the continued promotion of science and culture in secondary education.

Meanwhile, Director General of CECyTE-EMSaD, Norberto Cervantes Contreras, urged the students to continue to love science and knowledge and continue their academic preparation.

“We are interested not to be left without studying, this is an obligation. We are interested in our young people continuing their training at the high school level, and here we have the next scholars and researchers, the men and women who leave the name of Tlaxcala and our country high,” said the government official.

The award ceremony was held in the Miguel Inn Room. Lira in the Tizatlán Botanical Garden, where the winners of the ExpoCiencias, Creativity and Technological Innovation, Hackathon and Robotics awards were gathered, as well as teachers from the subsystem who participated with presentations during the first term Nomet Conference and the final teams of the STEM Olympiad, highlighting that for the first time An event of this magnitude happened at school.

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The educational authorities were accompanied by the Deputy Director of the Center for Applied Biotechnology Research of the National Polytechnic Institute of Tlaxcala (CIBA-IPN), Eric Ocaranza Sanchez, and the Coordinator of the National Network of Youth Activities in Science and Technology in Tlaxcala, Martin Mauricio. Sosa, and CECyTE-EMSaD management staff.

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