Catch me if you can: A young woman has been arrested for working as a doctor in a hospital without having studied medicine

A 20-year-old Turkish girl was arrested after it was revealed that she was working as a doctor in a public hospital, although she had never studied medicine. A case so bizarre that it reminds Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch me if you can’, where he plays a con man who pretends to be a doctor, plane pilot and other professions.

Aisha Ozkiraz’s family has always wanted to be a doctor. After finishing high school, she took the medical university exam, but failed. The young woman did not want to disappoint her parents, so instead of admitting her failure and moving on, she told them that she had entered the prestigious Kappa Medical University and is studying medicine. He even faked his exam mark and registration papers so that his parents wouldn’t suspect anything, but this was just the beginning of his charade.

But the young woman did more than lie to her family: she began to lie to everyone. He settled in a house in Istanbul and told people that he was a medical student. He also prints out a fake student ID card and begins touring Kappa Medical University, connecting with real medical students.

One day, when her mother fell ill and had to be taken to a hospital in the city of Tekirdag, Ayşe returned home to be with her and began telling the hospital staff that she was a doctor. She also lied about her age, claiming she was 25 when she was only 20, and used fake college student ID cards, doctor IDs, and even a plaque showing Özkiraz graduated at the top of her class, to make her credible. Lying.

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After gaining the trust of the hospital staff, Ayşe Özkiraz was offered the opportunity to work there, and accepted, even though she had never studied, let alone practiced medicine.

“Over time, I gained the love and trust of the doctors at the hospital. A senior doctor, whom I told that I wanted to become a pediatric surgeon, included me in an operation. During the operation, he told me: ‘Come on, sew up the wound,’” Ozkiraz says.

Of course, lying is short-legged. Eventually, the doctors at Tekirdağ Hospital became suspicious, because the young woman avoided answering basic medical questions or simply answered them wrong. When they became convinced he was lying about his training, they called the police.

When searching Ayşe Ozkiraz’s apartment, the police found several fake identity cards from different hospitals in Turkey, fake documents and medical uniforms. She was arrested and ended up admitting that she had been posing as a doctor for over a year.

The woman’s parents still can’t believe their daughter lied to them and think there must be something more to Aisha’s story.

“My daughter will never experience something like this,” Aisha Ozkiraz’s mother told reporters. “She used to eat in the operating rooms, and the chief physician was with her. He is in pictures with the doctor. When we spoke on a video call, she was sitting in the room with the nurses. Are they all lies? We don’t understand anything.”

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