Cat Quest III is making its playable demo on PC and Nintendo Switch ahead of launch

Gentlebros game will be available soon for only 19.99 euros

In Cat Quest III, you have to search for a long-disappeared treasure

The long-awaited playable demo for Cat Quest III, the role-playing game, is now available Available on PC (steam) and Nintendo Switch (Nintendo eShop), so anyone who wants to try the third version of this game can do so now. This offer allows Explore the colorful world of Purribean Before its official launch on August 8. As a preview we will say so It has a co-op modePlus it works on Steam Deck without any problem.

What Cat Quest III offers

In Cat Quest III, as in the first two parts, players have a wide range of weapons and equipment at their disposal. Game progress Dozens of equipment sets, weapons, spells and other items, each with unique abilities. For example, Dragonbone’s multi-hit finishing move can be combined with Meowtallika’s Spike to fire a bolt of lightning with each finishing blow. Additionally, equip a piece of Raterto equipment Allows damage to nearby enemies with each healingwhile a piece of Ratcle equipment heals the hero every time it deals damage.

The demo is also playable It allows players to meet some of the companions and villains they will encounter in the full game. The latest character trailer offers a look at the allies and enemies players will discover as they explore the world of Purribean.

Finally, let’s say that Cat Quest III will be available on August 8, 2024 for Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. the game It can now be pre-purchased on all platforms (digital format) or choose Physical version for Nintendo Switch or PS5 This will come from the hands of Meridiem Games. This edition It is available for pre-order at GAME Other physical stores cost 29.99 euros.

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