Castles, geoparks and the intensity of Holy Week in Calatrava (+photos)

The Calatrava Passion, which brings together 10 small towns in the Ciudad Real department, in the community of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, surprises with its trappings of history, culture and Catholic devotion between celebration and solemnity.

Candido Barba, mayor of Aldea del Rey, explained to Prensa Latina that work is underway to rehabilitate and rebuild the Claveria Palace to transform the building and its surroundings from the late 18th and early 19th centuries into an upscale hotel and restaurant. High average position.

A strategy that seeks to promote the Via Passion as a tourist attraction, a desire that is also embodied by the Holy Monastery and the Calatrava La Nueva Castle, built on mountain rocks and with parts of volcanic origin in what was a fortress for Christians fleeing Muslim invasions.

In the Gothic castle church, the title of honorary doctorate was awarded in 1997 to the Italian philosopher and writer Umberto Eco, author of the famous novel The Name of the Rose.

For his part, Miguel Angel Valverde, Mayor of Bolaños de Calatrava, referred to the ceremony that takes place when Jesus Christ is captured by Roman soldiers, after Judas betrayed him for 30 coins.

There are two processions, one carrying Jesus of Nazareth dressed in white and the other of the “armaeus,” Roman soldiers and officers; After the priest's sermon, the arrest was announced at the Mount of Olives. Valverde added: After that, Judas Iscariot goes up and kisses Jesus Christ, and a soldier ties his hands to take him in a procession.

At his home in Aldea del Rey, hours ago, Pablo Molina, with his family, prepared the “armaos” costumes that will be used to organize the celebrations. The armor, suits and helmets of his wife and two daughters, as well as his own helmets, were neatly organised.

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Molina recounted that as an officer, he wears a sword and a white bow on his golden helmet, along with different clothes for moments like the burial of Christ, after he carries the bag of coins with which he offers Judas 30 dinars for taking them. His guide to the Mount of Olives.

On March 13, Molina and his family were the heroes of a performance in the tradition of Calatrava in St. Peter's Square in the Vatican, in the presence of Pope Francis.

Almagro, the focus of celebrations every year during Holy Week, enjoys well-deserved prominence, ranking as one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. It is one of the ten municipalities that make up the Via Passion, which dates back to the 16th century.

The origin of its name comes from the Arabic Almajra (red clay), found in the tones of Plaza Mayor and other buildings in the city of Ciudad Real, belonging to the Autonomous Community of Castilla-La Mancha.


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