Casa de America bets on Ibero-American cinema

Held on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Foundation, it will consist of the screening of a selection of fiction, non-fiction and animation films that are distinguished in various aspects, not only in terms of their cinematic quality.

Image from the movie “Utama”

As part of the activities that will be implemented throughout this year under 30th Anniversary of America’s houseorganized the institution 30 year cyclewhich is a special screening program consisting of a series of Important films within the cinematic panorama of all Iberian America.

The course will consist of the screening of a selection of fiction, non-fiction and animation films that have different aspects, not only in terms of their cinematic quality. The main films of the contribution of their authors to the cinemas in their regions, And for his artistic contribution to contemporary cinema. To achieve it, Casa de América cooperates with production companies, distributors, sales agents and relevant national and international public institutions.

The restored version of the Bolivian movie A matter of faith (1995) was responsible, yesterday, April 6, for the launch of this special program in the presence of his director, Marcus Luisa who gave a pre-show interview in which he talked about his career and his multidisciplinary activity. His film, described by critics as a milestone in Bolivian cinema, has been recognized One of the 100 most important films in Latin America in this book Earth in trance. Latin American cinema in a hundred films (1999).

Utama (2022), the director’s first feature Alexandre Louise ashen, is the second title to be shown within this special program on Thursday, April 7th. It won Best Film in International Competition at the Sundance Festival, Best Ibero-American Film and Best Director in Malaga. Before checking files Utama Interviews with director Alejandro Luisa and co-producer Marcos Luisa: A Father-son Dialogue in which they delve into the cultures, landscapes and unexplored lands of their countries. Both interviews were moderated by journalist and editor Toño Angulo.

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Through these programmes, Casa de América continues its ongoing work to disseminate and promote Ibero-American cinematography through Programming is open to all genres and combo Showcasing recent films, firsts, modern classics and exceptional documentaries. Through dialogues, master classes and seminars, a space for discussion is also opened in which creators have a say, regardless of their generation, subject or artistic lines, and where they enter to contribute New ways to see and think about art, culture and society.

Throughout the year, more movies will be added to this program It reflects the uniqueness and diversity of Ibero-American cinemaof between it:

  • The facilities (Cuba – Panama – France – Colombia – Venezuela, 2015) directed by Cuban director Pavel Giroud, who will present the film.
  • Innocence (Cuba, 2018 / Alejandro Gil), video presentation of its director.
  • Airship (Uruguay – UK – France – Mexico, 1994 / Pablo Dutta), which will be shown on videotape by its director and in person by film producer Mariela Pisoyevsky.
  • summer birds (Colombia – Denmark – France – Mexico, 2018 / Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra), will be featured on video by its directors.
  • 12 year old night (Uruguay-Argentina-Spain-France, 2018 / Alvaro Brechner) It will also be presented by its Director.
  • In the damn street (Spain – Argentina, 1997 / Enrique Gabriel), introduced by its director.
  • Once upon a time in Venezuela (Venezuela-UK-Brazil-Austria, 2020 / Annabel Rodriguez); It will be served by its own assembly.
  • ant awakening (Costa Rica-Spain, 2019 / Antonella Sodassi) by producers.
  • Violet went to heaven (Chile, 2011 / Andres Wood); It will be submitted by its manager.
  • I am still (Peru, 2013 / Javier Corcuera); It will be submitted by its manager.
  • northern (Mexico – Spain, 2009) It will be shown on videotape by the director and producer.
  • Carnwall (Argentina-Brazil-Chile-Mexico-Bolivia-Norway 2020 / Pablo Felix).
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