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Claudia SheinbaumHead of Government of Mexico City, Friday announced some changes in the capital governmentset highlights Carlos Ulloa, President of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (Sidovy).

Rafael Gregorio Gomezformer secretary of urban development and housing, dismissed from office June 6, 2022 After a complaint against him for alleged sexual assault Committed to collaborator.

At a press conference, Sheinbaum made it clear The investigations will be carried out by the Metropolitan Justice Prosecutor (FGJCdMx) To determine the legal status of Gregorio Gomez, he at the same time requested his removal from office.

at that moment Subordination was in charge of Laura Elena RĂ­os AndradeGeneral Director of Urban Policy, however, was this friday when sIt was announced that Carlos Ulloa became the new Secretary Urban Development and Housing in Mexico City.

Who is the new Seduvi director?

Carlos Oloa Perez and.Head of the Integration and Social Welfare Secretariat (Sibisus), he Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Mexico (UVM), with studies in Senior Municipal Management in the UK.

At the beginning of the current administration headed by Claudia Sheinbaum, Ulloa served as the President’s private secretary. He was also an advisor to the Ministry of Finance and a research advisor to the National Council on Science and Technology (CONASET) in 2010.

As the owner of Seduvi Ulloa will be responsible for designing, coordinating and implementing urban policies in Mexico City.

set ulwa It is part of the changes to the capital government announced on Friday, stands out from Nathalie Desblas as the new head of the Ministry of Tourism; Rebecca Sanchez, Director General of the Family Development System (DIF) and Rigoberto Salgado, Secretary for Inclusion and Welfare.

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