“Capture the Science” at the Discover Museum – El Sol del Centro

The room is opened “Capture the Science” in it Interactive Museum of Science and Technology Featuring more than 20 suites, it is a photo gallery that details specimens, artifacts, and even the galaxy.

“Here we see how by means of highly sophisticated instrument technology it is possible to discover a different world, and in this case, the types of animals and plants are presented, and we would not be able to see and understand their forms or their functioning if it were not for this technology or these discoveries,” Carla Arroyo, a spokeswoman for the museum, explained.

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This exhibition showcases the work of scientists, students, and staff from the departments of anthropology, invertebrate zoology, physical sciences, vertebrate zoology, and palaeontology at American Museum of Natural History, New York City.

“They’re very powerful microscopes, so to speak, we don’t have that kind in this museum, but they are different techniques, each screen showing how it was taken to get that image”Carla Arroyo confirmed.

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He explained that the images in this exhibition were produced with a variety of optical instruments and equipment, which allowed the exploration of imaging techniques, including infrared imaging, electron microscopy, and computed tomography.

the sample “Capture the Science” It’s a gallery of more than 20 collections that aim to bring science and technology closer to children from across the state through these images.

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