Capitol Riots: Ongoing Count of Lawmakers Calling for a Second Trial for Trump

President Donald Trump’s behavior that led to and during the deadly riots on the US Capitol building sparked a widespread backlash among hundreds of lawmakers on both sides of the political corridor, with congressional leaders demanding his government to invoke the 25th Amendment and impeach the president – or face a second impeachment process.

Calls for the president to be removed from office have increased in the final days of his administration since a violent mob of Trump supporters attacked Congress on Wednesday as it convened to ratify the 2020 election results.

The mob caused a delay of nearly six hours in ratifying the vote, which went on to formally declare President-elect Joe Biden as the next Commander in Chief. But Mr Trump’s speech in Washington just before the riots, urging his supporters to walk to the Capitol, and his video clip during the crowd that he was said to have added fuel to the fire prompted demands that he be removed immediately.

A growing group of Republican and Democratic lawmakers in the US House of Representatives and Senate have called for Mr Trump to be held accountable, with some going as far as calling for the 25th Amendment – the process in which a majority of cabinet members vote to impeach the president. Here is a list of more than 230 lawmakers on Capitol Hill calling for the removal of Mr. Trump (The Independent Will keep updating this story as it evolves):

Members of the House of Representatives

Republic House

  1. Representative Adam Kinzinger from Illinois

Democrats and Independents in the Senate

  1. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York
  2. Senator Pat Murray is from Washington
  3. It. Mazi Hirono from Hawaii
  4. Senator. Geoff Merkley is from Oregon
  5. Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio
  6. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon
  7. Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania
  8. Senator. Chris Van Hollen from Maryland
  9. Senator Tim Kane is from Virginia
  10. Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont
  11. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts
  12. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut
  13. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island
  14. It. Alex Padilla from California
  15. Senator Mark Warner of Virginia
  16. Senator Brian Schatz is from Hawaii
  17. Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland
  18. Senator Tom Carber Delaware
  19. Senator Chris Coons of Delaware
  20. Senator Maria Cantwell from Washington
  21. Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts
  22. Senator Gary Peters of Michigan
  23. Senator Dick Durbin is from Illinois
  24. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont
  25. Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut
  26. Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois
  27. Senator Michael Bennett is from Colorado
  28. Senator Debbie Stapino of Michigan
  29. Senator Tina Smith of Minnesota
  30. Senator Tammy Baldwin is from Wisconsin
  31. Senator Jeanne Shaheen from New Hampshire
  32. Senator Maggie Hassan is from New Hampshire
  33. Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey
  34. Senator Ben Ray Logan from New Mexico
  35. Senator Kirsten Gillebrand from New York
  36. Senator Angus King of Maine
  37. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California
  38. Senator John Hickenlooper of Colorado
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Republicans in the Senate

  1. Senator Bensassi indicated that he would be open to studying impeachment materials against the president

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