Canelo Alvarez will compete with Pep Guardiola and Michael Phelps in a golf tournament for “icons of sport”

Canelo Álvarez will take part in “Icon Series,” a golf course featuring Pep Guardiola, Michael Phelps, Harry Kane, Ben Roethlisberger and others (Image: Twitter/@IconSeries)

popularity cinnamon Alvarez He does not stop in the ring, but he knew how to ascend his fame to the highest levels of world sport, something that he combined with his personality. passion for golf And this is now in front of an amazing amateur tournament where some of the most famous athletes around the planet will be taking part.

The Mexican boxer will be part of 2022 Icon Seriesa new, innovative and pioneering concept in the world of sports and entertainment that will bring together prominent personalities such as Josep Guardiola, Michael Phelps and Ben Roethlisberger s Harry Kingand, among others, to play a mini golf tournament in New York, United States.

The event will take place between June 30 and July 1 in Liberty National Golf Clubwhich will be made available to the public through the sale of tickets, which can already be obtained through the portal icon-series.comwhere other famous names will also appear, such as the Liverpool footballer James Milner and baseball player Evan RodriguezAll golf lovers.

Canelo Alvarez will be participating in a golf tournament with Michael Phelps, Pep Guardiola, Harry Kane and more athletes
Canelo Alvarez will participate in a golf tournament with Michael Phelps, Pep Guardiola, Harry Kane and more ‘Iconic’ athletes (Image: Twitter/@IconSeries)

Tournament dynamics consists of creating a rivalry between two teams: Athletes representing the United States against those from “the rest of the world”Where is one’s own? cinnamonso you will cooperate with Pep Guardiola s Harry King To try to defeat North Americans in different golf ways during the two days.

“I am excited to represent Mexico as part of Team ROTW (Rest of the World) under Captain Els and can’t wait to compete with Team USA at such a famous venue, Liberty National,” Canelo said. For an organized interview.

According to the requirements to participate in this tournament, it is necessary for these athletes to be ‘Exceptionally talented’ have reached the pinnacle of their specialtyThis is why they are considered “born winners, with competition running in their veins”.

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Similarly, the organization asserts that “Success goes beyond their sport and they are passionate about golf‘, so you won’t see any newbie in front of the golf club and he will be striving for victory, not just a fun moment with other characters.

The Icon Series don't collect celebrities, but the icons in their sport (Image: Icon Series)
The Icon Series don’t collect celebrities, but the icons in their sport (Image: Icon Series)

Both teams will be led by former professional golfers. On the American side, unique couples He will be the captain of the team, while in “The Rest of the World” he will be the South African team Ernie Elsformerly number one in the world, which will guide characters in different types of games.

The aim of the tournament is to attract new audiences to golf with a more dynamic game, where there is real and patriotic competition and the career path of guests is recognized, and their tournaments are assumed to be “full of stories”.

One of the greatest attractions of the tournament is that the look will be the match 10 holes, so it’s going to be a very short 1v1 competition, as they assume “every shot counts” to win.

They also highlight that it will be given to the fans.”Access behind-the-scenes moments on the field and in the locker room with captains, select players and sacks at the mic‘, so an immersive experience of focus and game is expected from the guests.

On behalf of the US team: unique couplesformer golfer Michael Phelpsswimming; Michael Strahanfootball; Ben Roethlisbergerfootball; son smithBasketball; Andrew Whitworthfootball; Robert Goldfootball; John Smoltzbaseball Marshall Falkfootball.

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On the rest of the world team: Ernie Elsformer golfer Ash PartyTennis; Pep Guardiolafootball; Harry Kingfootball; Canelo Alvarezboxing Ab de Villierscricket; James Milnerfootball; George GreganFootball; Ricky Buntingcricket; Brian Laracricket; Evan Rodriguezbaseball.

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