Candidates to succeed Johnson make last-ditch efforts to scratch votes

The battle for the leadership of the Conservative Party in United kingdom. The two candidates who survive the competition try to scratch the votes as much as possible. Les Truss s Rishi Sunak So far they have made clear their stance on the economy, tax rates, the National Health Service and, this weekend, education.

Time to make a difference is running out

Monday’s ballots arrive at members’ homes, and although they have room to send their votes until next September 2, both sides expect many members to vote soon. The party has approximately 160,000 members who have the right to choose in a competition.

Johnson’s last big party

Meanwhile, the outgoing Prime Minister United kingdomAnd the Boris JohnsonHe was busy throwing his last big party. He and his wife, Carey, celebrated their wedding on the private property of a major Conservative Party donor in southwest England.

Both changed the venue of the event after the opposition accused him of not wanting to leave his position to hold the event at an official residence in the country. It was a secret ceremony for a married couple who had already been married a year ago at Westminster Abbey.

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