Cafiero emphasized that the United Kingdom’s military presence in the Malvinas Islands was unacceptable

Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero confirmed that the UK military presence in the Malvinas Islands was “unacceptable”. This was during his speech on Tuesday to the Bi-Continental Forum for Peace and Cooperation in the South Atlantic (ZPCSA) that met in Cape Verde.

“The presence in the South Atlantic of military forces from outside the region, whose position is not in line with current times, the practices of pluralism and international law, is unacceptable,” the Argentine official said, in an apparent reference to British forces.

Cafiero remembers that Since 1833 my country has suffered from the illegal occupation of a part of its territory by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. He thanked “the continued support of the countries of the region to call for the resumption of bilateral sovereignty negotiations.”

He stressed that “Argentina has always been and will be ready to engage again in diplomatic negotiations with the United Kingdom over the Malvinas issue. We are a peaceful and generous people. We highly appreciate the declaration against unilateral British actions in the disputed area.” .

In addition, the Foreign Minister drew attention to the “recent deployment in the Malvinas Islands of personnel of the so-called “Kosovo Security Forces.” I confirm this. “This constitutes an illegal and disproportionate show of force by the UK.” Because it “supposes the entry into the South Atlantic of players outside the region who have nothing to do with the sovereignty dispute.”

What is the zone of peace and cooperation in the South Atlantic?

the Eighth Ministerial Meeting of the South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Area (ZPCSA) It brings together 24 countries from South America and Africa to discuss issues related to defence, security, environmental conservation and cooperation between the two regions, including the Malvinas issue.

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After holding without meetings, The goal is to achieve revitalization of the area, Transfer of the presidency of Pro Tempore from Uruguay to Cape Verde, adoption of a new political declaration and action plan.

Cafiero attended the meeting, accompanied by Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Luciana Tito and Secretary of the Malvinas, Antarctic and South Atlantic Ocean, Guillermo Carmona.

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