Burmese coup plotters accuse Aung San Suu and block Facebook in the country to prevent protests

After the military coup that took place last Monday in Burma, several charges were brought against the elected civilian leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, mentioned BBC.

Suu Kyi, who has been detained since Monday, as part of “protective custody”., The isolation should be concluded on February 15th. Meanwhile, He will face suspicious charges such as non-compliance with import and export laws, as well as “illegal possession of communication devices”.

Ousted president Win Myint was also accused of violating rules banning gatherings as a security measure during the pandemic. From the Coronavirus. Like San Suu, he must spend at least two weeks in pretrial detention.

According to the report submitted to the courts, Suu Kyi illegally imported and used a walkie-talkie that was found in her Nay Pyi Taw home. Preventive detention, according to the coup plotters, will only be for questioning witnesses, seeking evidence, and building the case against them.

In the Mint case, the accusation is based on a meeting he had with several of his supporters in a 200-car convoy during his election campaign.

After the coup It was committed by Army Chief Min Aung HlaingBurma is governed by an 11-member junta, which decreed a one-year state of emergency in the country.

For Prevent organizing popular protests Against the army, The junta also ordered that Facebook be banned across the country.

The justification for the military coup was alleged fraud in last November’s elections, in which the National League for Democracy, led by Suu Kyi, outright won.

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