Bulgaria turns red in the UK when it turns green

Bulgaria has been closed to British tourism as this country turned green in the latest revision of the English traffic light, last week. Croatia and Bulgaria They were the only two tourist destinations that turned green in the last review. However, the Bulgarian government put the UK on its red list, thus banning British holidays in the country, which has one of the favorite European destinations on the Black Sea. Spain It is also on Bulgaria’s red list.

The British will not be able to go on vacation to the Bulgarian shores of the Black Sea, despite the fact that Bulgaria was put on the green list of the English traffic light in the last revision. Reality, The new status in Bulgaria for the British takes effect on Monday.

Bulgaria’s Minister of Health, Stojsho Katsarov, confirmed this week Bulgaria puts the UK on its red list for international travelBanning entry to visitors from that country due to the continuous increase in Covid cases. The decision goes into effect today as well.

So if from today the British thought that they could travel to Bulgaria on vacation, it would not be possible. Only Bulgarian citizens, residents and their families are entitled to enter this country from the UK

Bulgarian traffic light

Bulgaria has its own traffic light for international travel, based on the system of green, amber and red zones. From the same Monday, the UK enters the list of red zones, which British tourists are not allowed to enter.

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Bulgaria put other countries on its red list: Spain, Cyprus, Fiji and Kuwait.

At this time, according to the overall data expansion, the cumulative incidence in the United Kingdom is 680.86 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days, which indicates that it has a very high rate of coronavirus patients compared to its counterparts in the rest of the countries.

In Bulgaria, on the other hand, the infection rate is 12.94 new cases per 100,000 residents in 14 days.

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