Bruno Ruggeri has been appointed as the new Minister of Inland Provinces, a position left by Patakis to take on the economy.

The Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, this Friday appointed Bruno Ruggeri as the new Minister of Provinces in the portfolio. It is worth noting that Ruggeri will replace Silvina Patakis, who left the vacant position after taking over as the country’s Minister of Economy at the beginning of last July. After Sergio Massa was appointed to the portfolio, the official was appointed president of Banco Nación.

The new Secretary of the Interior for the Territories has served since 2015 as the Secretary of State, Finance and Public Credit for Santa Cruz County. In addition, according to official sources, he is a public accountant with experience in both the regional public administration and the Bank of Santa Cruz, where he was also a trustee and director.

Patakis, the former Minister of Economy of the Province of Buenos Aires, has been serving since December 2019 as the Minister of Provinces at the Ministry of the Interior, a subordination in charge of Cámpora, the difficult youth sector associated with Fernández de Kirchner. But she left when she was appointed as the purse holder on Sunday, July 3rd. She was recently removed from her duties in the economy when Sergio Massa took over the ministry.

Patakis holds a degree in economics from the National University of La Plata and a master’s degree in public finance and environmental economics, the latter from York University, UK, according to a statement from the Argentine presidency issued at the time.

Ruggeri, the new interior minister, is 38, a native of Río Gallegos and a graduate of the National University of Cordoba. He was also a representative for Santa Cruz before the Federal Tax Commission (CFI) and before the Federal Council for Fiscal Responsibility, which deals with good government practices in all provinces.

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The election of the new county secretary, as he was known, was based both on his technical profile as well as on his knowledge of managing county finances and his experience about organizations with federal representation.

At the end of July, President Alberto Fernandez appointed Silvina Batakis as head of Banc Nacion, replacing Eduardo Hecker.. In this way, Patakis’ term at the head of the Ministry of Economy expired only 24 days after taking office.

In a statement, the Government House noted: “The President acknowledges and appreciates the commitment he showed in joining the Cabinet.” Patakis arrived after the departure of Martin Guzman. She was appointed on Sunday, July 3, and the next day she was sworn in. For his part, Eduardo Hecker has served as President of Banco Nación since the beginning of the presidency.

Meanwhile, last Wednesday, in a short celebration with a strong presence of the political, commercial and union arc, Alberto Fernandez swear to Serge Massa Minister of Economy. The President expressed his thanks to the former Speaker of the House of Representatives and expressed his hope for the new phase of the government.

Before completing the swearing-in ceremony, President Silvina Batakis, Daniel Scioli and Julian Dominguez thanked them: “I sincerely thank them all for their political commitment and personal separation from them.” These are the officials who were displaced with the accession of Massa to the executive branch.

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