Britons looking for cruises prefer the Caribbean

The study he conducted Mummy cruise analyzed keyword search volume on Google in over fifty countries, cities and states that are popular cruise locations to determine the most Googled destination in the UK.

The most searched tourist destination on Google is the Caribbean. An average of 99,300 searches are made per month in the UK for cruises in and around the Caribbean.

The second most searched cruise destination on Google is Norway. Norwegian cruises are famous for their views of the great fjords and lakes, and are searched on Google an average of 40,400 times each month by the UK public.

Cruises in and around Alaska are the third most searched cruise on Google in the UK. There is an average of 20,900 searches per month for Alaska cruises. From cold climates to warmer climates, Greece is the fourth most searched cruise destination on Google, with a monthly average of 19,600 searches conducted in the UK.

Amsterdam is the location ranked fifth in terms of volume of cruise searches. Searches for Amsterdam cruises average 7,200 per month in the UK. Amsterdam is known for its liveliness and history, making it a prime place to explore. Croatia is the sixth most searched place on Google, with UK residents searching Google 7,000 times a month for searches for “Croatia cruises”. There are six ports located throughout Croatia that provide general services and provide many opportunities to visit via different cruise routes.

Where in the UK are people most interested in cruises? Interestingly, the UK regions with the most cruise-related queries on Google are all Scottish. Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh comprise the top three. Glasgow residents search for cruise-related terms 1,727 times per 100,000 residents each month. In Aberdeen, there are an average of 1,467 searches per 100,000 residents in the area each month, while in Edinburgh, there are 1,455 searches per 100,000 each month for cruise-related terms.

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Jenny Fielding, cruise expert Mummy cruise Commenting on the findings, he commented: “Searches for cruises by UK residents reached a five-year high in early 2023, indicating how popular cruises have become, especially as travel has become much easier with pandemic restrictions almost eliminated.” .

Cruises offer couples, families, and solo travelers the opportunity to explore a variety of cultures, historical sites, and activities without having to compromise on accommodations.

With trends indicating that cruise searches generally increase during the new year, it will be interesting to see whether these popular cruise destinations will remain the most searched for holidays in 2024, or will they be replaced by new popular destinations, whether cruises Navy is warmer. From the Caribbean or colder climates like Alaska and Norway.

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