Britney Spears’ father claimed the star had dementia to keep his will

New facts have emerged about the legal battle between Britney Spears and her father, Jimmy. It is a legal document in which the father confirms that his daughter suffers from dementia as a reason that makes him the one who manages her financial affairs. This and other information about the case will be disclosed in a documentary film called Britney’s Battle: Fans, Criticism, and Conservation Which will air next week in the UK.

Britney Spears, 39, has not been able to manage her fortune or personal life since 2008. After suffering a nervous breakdown that prompted her to shave her head and confront journalists, it was her father who took charge of her custody to this day, which is what the pop star and her fans want her. Change it.

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It was known this week that Britney Spears will be able to speak in court on June 23, which could mean the beginning of the end of the situation in which she is in. She is supported by the #FreeBritney movement, led by thousands of followers around the world, in this fight for her independence.

However, there are data that are not public and no one has evidence of them, except for those involved and the judge. One of them was just revealed by journalist Mobin Azhar, who produced a documentary that he translated from English is revealing: The Battle of Britney Spears: Fans, Money, and Guardianship.

Britney Spears during a 2000 concert.

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The investigator found documents in which the singer’s father confirmed that he suffers from dementia, a fact unknown to the public, although it is correct, that justifies that he was the legal guardian throughout this time. However, Britney Spears fans are trying to dismantle this version claiming that the artist would not have been able to learn the songs or choreographies that she was doing all these years.

Since Britney’s tutelage has passed into the hands of her father, the singer has recorded four albums and has indulged in four world tours, one of which is a stay at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

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Britney Spears at the GLAAD Media Awards

Azhar himself told the newspaper woman The issue of dementia seemed to him “a little strange” and that he believed it was a “conspiracy theory.” “There are two fan sites that have the document in their custody. You should tick the justification of the reason and the box marked” The arrangement is related to dementia or treatment as specified. “

As the journalist explains, there are only 5% of dementia cases in the United States in people under the age of 65, so he thinks Britney Spears is unlikely to be one of them.

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Documentary The Battle of Britney Spears: Fans, Criticism, and Conservation It will air next Wednesday May 5 at 9:00 PM ET via BBC2, although it is also available via iPlayer.

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