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Rail workers and border control workers on Wednesday staged a new wave of strikes in the UK to demand better wages, after other sectors planned force measures this week.

The disruption to train services continues today and tomorrow, making it difficult for many people to return to work after Christmas or those who want to take advantage of this week’s sales at British Travel Stores.

As in previous strikes, the rail sector is calling for a 7% wage increase to address the rising cost of living, but Network Rail has only offered a 5% increase.

About a thousand Border Force workers started a strike from today until Saturday to demand higher wages, which affects London Heathrow and Gatwick airports, as well as Birmingham (central England) and Manchester (northern England) airports. Cardiff (Wales) and Glasgow (Scotland).

To avoid chaos at airports, the British authorities sent military personnel and civil servants to take over passport control.

This exodus avoided long lines at immigration control in the strikes that the sector supported between 23 and 26 December.

Those workers have warned of further strikes in 2023 if there is no salary increase, after they rejected an offer of a 2% salary increase compared to the 10% they had asked for. (ef)

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