British police “mistakenly” delete 400,000 criminal records

UK police mistakenly scanned nearly 400,000 criminal records this week Which contains fingerprints and DNA information, among other data, according to British media.

On Saturday, Labor opposition leader Keir Starmer called on Interior Minister Priti Patel to provide explanations to Parliament about An event he considers “really dangerous”.

Accidentally deleted records during a A routine process of cleaning up police databases nationwideThe Times revealed.

Unfortunately, it was introduced due to human error Wrong code as part of routine maintenance This week, which has erased some of the records currently being investigated, ”the Secretary of State for Crime and Police, Kate Malthus, admitted.

“We have solved the problem It can’t happen again“We are working at high speed with collaborators from the police and employees of the Ministry of the Interior to try to recover information and to know the full extent of the problem,” he added.

According to the “Times”, the National Council of Chiefs of Police appreciates that 213,000 criminal records, 175,000 arrest warrants and 15,000 personal files They may have disappeared from British databases.

The leader of the labor opposition, attorney by profession and head of the attorney general’s office in England and Wales between 2008 and 2013, indicated in an interview with Sky News that he had “worked in the criminal justice field for many years,” and he understood “How important this information is.”

“Some of these (dates) correspond to open cases, ongoing investigations, so it is not just about historical archives,” Starmer said. He called on the interior minister to “assume responsibility” for what happened.

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