British company Ineos will invest more than 2000 million to produce green hydrogen

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London-based chemical company Ineos announced that it would invest More than 2000 million euros In the production of green hydrogen without carbon emissions in various locations on the European continent. And part of the unbeatable position in this sector, because it is one of the The two largest chemical companies in the world in terms of sales volume.

Its first factories will be built Norway, Germany and Belgium There are also planned investments for United Kingdom and France.

Through its subsidiary InovineINEOS already Europe’s largest electrolysis operatorThe core technology needed to produce green hydrogen used for power generation, transportation and industrial use.

The company also has extensive experience in hydrogen storage and management, The perfect wicker for moving toward a hydrogen-based future.

not friable, CEO of INOVYN, notes that “INEOS is uniquely positioned to play a leading role in the development of these new opportunities, which have been driven by the growing demand for affordable, low-carbon energy sources combined with our existing capabilities to work with electrolysis on a large scale.”

first landing

The first unit to be built will be 20MW Electrolyzer For Green Hydrogen Production Through Water Electrolysis This unit is located in NorwayIt will run on electricity with zero carbon emissions. This project will produce a minimum of about 22,000 tons of CO2 per year, reduce the carbon footprint of INEOS operations in Ravens, and will be used as a hub to supply the Norwegian transportation sector with hydrogen.

employment GermanyINEOS plans to build a file Large scale electrolyzer, 100 MW, to produce green hydrogen at its Koln plant. The development will enhance the decarbonization of INEOS operations at the plant. The hydrogen from the unit will be used to produce green ammonia;

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The Cologne project will reduce carbon emissions by 120,000 tons per year. It will also create opportunities to develop electric fuels through energy applications for methanol on an industrial scale.

Other projects

INEOS is developing other projects in Belgium, France and the United Kingdom We look forward to announcing new partnerships with leading organizations involved in developing new hydrogen applications.

In November 2020, he launched a new company, INOVYN, to develop and build capacity in biological hydrogen in Europe to support the push for a carbon-neutral future.

You will have your hydrogen business UK headquarters The goal is to create the ability to produce hydrogen in the company’s network of plants in Europe and in those associated with hydrogen can accelerate decarbonization of energy.

It also intends to work closely with European governments to ensure that the necessary infrastructures are established to facilitate hydrogen’s leading role in the new green economy.

water blockFor his part, INOVYN Commercial Director added, “Hydrogen is an essential part of the economy with emissions-neutral targets that will be debated for decades. We are uniquely positioned to support new opportunities driven by demand for energy sources.
Affordable and carbon free.

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