Britain will send air reinforcements to the Middle East

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London, United Kingdom.- The British government has authorized the deployment of additional aircraft from its air force and the resupply of tanks to the Middle East, in response to the escalation in the region after the Iranian attack on Israel, as British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed on Sunday.

Message him about the scope of our current mission, as requested.

The British minister said in his letter, “I strongly condemn the senseless air attack launched by Iran against Israel. It has no benefit except to further undermine regional security.”

Shapps said that the British government “continues to work with Israel and its partners in the region to avoid any new escalation.”

The minister stresses that “peace and stability are in everyone’s interest” and urges Iran to “immediately end all forms of destabilizing behavior.”

“In response to the escalation in the region and in alliance with our allies, the Prime Minister (Rishi Sunak) and I have authorized the deployment of additional air force assets. The RAF aircraft and refueling tankers will reinforce the already existing Operation Shader – the operation against ISIS, Iraq and Syria.”

The minister added that these aircraft “will also intercept any air attacks within the scope of our current missions, as required.”

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who condemned Iran's attack “in the strongest terms,” ​​previously said in a statement issued by Downing Street, his office and official residence, that the United Kingdom “will continue to defend Israel's security.” “And all its regional partners, such as Jordan and Iraq.

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