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About 1,200 soldiers and 1,000 civilian staff will be deployed over the next few days to cover vacancies due to the strike called by both border agents and ambulance drivers in the UK.

In a decision heavily criticized by some sectors, Governor Rishi Sunak’s government had to resort to troops to prevent the situation at airports during year-end holidays and critically ill patients who needed to be transported from non-conducive to speech. Mess. However, the British Armed Forces Chief of Staff himself, Admiral Tony Radakin, questioned the use of the army as a “reserve service”.

In an interview with today’s Sunday Times, Radakin stressed that the military should “focus on its primary role” and considered it would be “dangerous” to treat them as a “last resort” in situations such as the strikes facing the country.

About 10,000 ambulance workers are expected to stop by on December 21-28 to demand better wages. His strike would join the one called by the RCN nurses union, on December 20, after which the union gave a 48-hour ultimatum to the government to find a solution, without which it would organize new strikes.

Meanwhile, Border Force agents will cut work for eight days, from December 23 to 31, which could cause significant disruptions to travel over Christmas. (ef)

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