Britain will be hotter than Spain on ‘Hot New Year’s Eve’

While some parts of the UK celebrate White Christmas, meteorologists have forecast temperatures of up to 17°C in some parts of the UK on New Year’s Day.

Mixed weather in the UK, rainfall in the south and “exceptionally mild” temperatures will continue until the last days of 2021.

Starting today (December 29), North African blooms are expected to wipe out Britain, bringing the warmest temperatures ever recorded on New Year’s Day; Meteorologists say it could coincide with temperatures on the Spanish island of Ibiza.

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Jim Dale, a meteorologist for the British Meteorological Service, said: “Subtropical winds blow from Spain and North Africa, where it is extraordinarily hot all year round.

A warm breeze is coming from North Africa

Meanwhile, in mainland Spain, temperatures were hovering around 15°C, with parts of the UK warmer than the winter sun targeted.

“Temperatures will rise on Wednesday and we’re looking forward to five more days of fair weather,” Dale explained.

“The weather will be very nice for a few days, although there is a possibility that it will rain.”

If the temperature in Wales exceeded 15°C in 1922, Britain could see the new year.

However, the mild weather lasts for about a week before the bitter cold returns.

“It will take about five days, after which we expect to make up for it with a cold,” Mr. Dale added.

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The Met Office is a bit more cautious in its forecast, with forecasters forecasting temperatures of 14°C in London on Friday and 12 or 13°C elsewhere in the UK and across Wales.

Most of Scotland will experience high temperatures in the single digits, while Northern Ireland will reach 11°C in the off-season.

However, this year’s New Year’s Eve will be much warmer than last year, as temperatures in most of Scotland will be well below freezing.

“On New Year’s Day it was 14.8 degrees Celsius, and in 2011 it was 14-15 degrees Celsius (57.2-59 degrees Fahrenheit), so the temperature can be very high,” said Met Office meteorologist Greg Dewhurst.

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