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in Street paving We like to be up to date on scientific issues and that is why we know that Pint of science. This is a scientific publishing festival that proposes a meeting between researchers and the public in pubs. It will take place on May 22nd, 23rd and 24th to fill the bars of our cities with science and experiments. Activities are from 7 to 9 at night and there are two to three talks each afternoon. Spain ranks second in terms of participation in the world, taking place in 58 Spanish cities. This eighth edition returns to the record-breaking tapes. Seems like an event made for speakers because we love science and we love pubs. To get to know this project better today, help us get off the streets Carmen FernandezResearcher and volunteer organizer for the Madrid team as well Jose A Morales Garcia Researcher speaking in the 2023 edition.

This festival has been taking place since 2015, the first edition to be held in Spain, and Carmen participated in it as an assistant in coordination as a volunteer. Although it comes from elsewhere: “It all started thanks to researchers from the UK, from London, who decided one day to invite into their labs in 2013, patients with the diseases they’re working on, cancer issues, issues that have a lot of Impact. And explain exactly what is being done in the lab.” The invitation had more requests than space, so the following year they decided to get close to people and not get people close to the lab, to the bars, and the birth of the pint of science. Already in 2015 he arrived in Spain.

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28 countries are participating in this international festival this year. On those three days, with the time difference removed, people from 28 countries would meet in bars listening to talk about science. “I think it has to be the greatest thing about science publishing, it’s amazing.” Carmen meets Carlos Moreno “El Pulpo”.

Thinking the message is garbled into tape is a bad idea, because what it’s about is people interpreting science, but never as something boring. “It’s good that we create that environment that’s a little bit more relaxed, for them and for us a little bit so we get out like the cave, the lab that we researchers are always locked in and don’t get out, it’s a way to get out well and that people see science as something interesting, more than anything else because it affects you on On a daily basis and over your life. ” – the researcher reassures.

Researchers, they admit, sometimes leave their own cave, and they didn’t just order beer. Thus, a more direct contact arises with the person who will listen to you, as if you were talking to a friend in a bar, in front of a large group of friends. In Jose’s case, he realizes that at first, people look at you as if you were just a scholar, as if you were a famous person, until the moment you speak up and they see that you are an ordinary person.

In the three days that the festival runs, a variety of topics are touched upon, from more technological things, such as artificial intelligence, social sciences and medicine and even this year football talks have been incorporated. They offer a great variety in various bars, so anyone with any curiosity can easily go.

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In Jose’s case, he’s a researcher at Neurological diseases, which by chance affected him closely, as his mother suffered from Parkinson’s disease. Obviously, studying a disease will not save our lives, but it will save our lives in the future. Now it’s a very personal thing, and even knowing that we are no longer in time for my mother, but we can save lives in the future, or take a small step to discover something new.

There are a lot of things going on in the brain that cause complicationsWe haven’t had a really effective medicine in years and the medicine that we have is to treat the symptoms to make life a little bit easier on the patient, but it’s true that we’re not able to reverse the disease, of course, or stop it because these little notes are very important because they open up new research hotspots, as I say, there A small gap to start pulling the mass “- emphasizes the researcher once again when asked about a cure for diseases such as those suffered by the mother or Alzheimer’s disease.

The festival allows anyone who wants or needs to be informed on any topic from the point of view of science, with presentations such as that of researcher José A. Morales García on neurodegenerative diseases or on topics such as football.

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