Bridgeton: The three worst news the series has received and endangering its continuity

Rumors surfaced about Bridgeton’s cancellation after the second season of production was suspended due to COVID issues, but there were 3 news that could end with this cancellation.

Bridgeton It has proven to be a huge hit for Netflix. The period drama put Rege-Jean Page in the spotlight and turned the rest of the cast into superstars. But as time passed and we got closer to the second season, some news came like a bucket of cold water for his fans.

Bridgerton: The departure of actor Regé-Jean Page was the biggest controversy in the series

The passing of Reggie Jean Page

An unexpected announcement from Netflix left all Bridgerton fans in dismay, when it was revealed that Rege-Jean Page was leaving the series due to being hired solely to play Simon Basset in the first season.

Therefore, the second season of the series will focus on Volume 2, and the plot will focus on characters other than those who starred in the first installment. Bridgerton will turn his attention to Lord Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) to find the love of his life portrayed in Kate Sharma (Simon Ashley).

Season 2 has been suspended due to COVID-19

Remember that like other TV series, Bridgeton is currently filming Season 2 under strict safety and prevention regulations for the Coronavirus. And on Friday, the news learned that filming had been paralyzed on Thursday for 24 hours.

Bridgeton: Bad news that jeopardizes the continuity of the series

On Saturday, July 17, filming for the second season of Bridgerton is back in the news. According to specialist director Deadline, filming of the Netflix period drama has been halted for the second time in a week after another positive test for Covid hit the popular Regency-era drama.

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There is no definition of revenue from production

The unfortunate thing is that Netflix has halted production in Bridgerton once again, but this time for an indefinite period of time as Shondaland and producers set a schedule for a safe return amid the delta variant of the coronavirus spreading across the UK.

The truth is that if this situation continues, the production of the second season is in jeopardy, leading to a possible delay in the premiere, which is expected to be by the end of 2021.

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