Brexit: “illegal” driver caught pork sandwiches at the Dutch border under EU rules | world News

Dutch border guards confiscated a traveling driver from the United Kingdom his pork sandwiches, which they say are now banned under post-Brexit rules.

A video clip showing an official dealing with a forbidden snack, carefully wrapped in tin foil, asking its owner, “Do you have meat on all the bread or not?”

When he responds, he tells him, “Yes, okay, then take them all.”

The driver asked if they could “take off the meat and leave me the bread?” – But he knew that he would “confiscate everything.”

“you are welcome in Brixi Sir, I’m sorry, ”the border official said with a smile in the Hook of the Netherlands.

The tape is believed to have been recorded last Wednesday, January 6th.

The United Kingdom and the European Union finally negotiated a trade deal at the end of last year, which means that many of the rules have now changed.

People traveling from a non-EU country to the bloc are not permitted to bring meat or dairy products with them.

The rule in place to protect against the possible spread of animal diseases, such as foot, mouth and swine fever.

Passengers carrying unauthorized meat and dairy products can be fined or prosecuted under rules that warn against “confiscation and destruction” of any of these products.

A limited amount of fruits, vegetables, honey and fish are allowed.

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