Brexit deal struck on DAYS where Boris Von der Leyen telephoned to secure a trade agreement with the European Union Politics | News

Downing Street said there are still issues that need to be resolved as talks resume today. But European Commission Prime Minister and President Ursula von der Leyen is about to hold talks to push the deal beyond the line.

Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin has raised hopes of a breakthrough within days.

He said, “I hope to see the outlines of a deal by the end of this week.

“That remains to be seen. It is up to political will. One must still hope that a deal can be reached.”

But government sources warned that the assessment was “optimistic.”

Members of Parliament and members of the European Parliament are facing emergency sessions to speed up any deal before the end of the year.

Number 10 said Parliament has shown it can “act at a fast pace” when it needs to pass legislation quickly.

Brussels hopes that an agreement will be signed by Monday to allow legislation to pass in the European Parliament in a special session on December 28.

Online conversations resumed today after being abruptly stopped last week when an EU official tested positive for the coronavirus.

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“We will restore control of access to our water,” he added.

The spokesman confirmed that there would be no extension of the transition period.

Brussels sources expect a last-minute swap on the so-called parity stadium and reduced access to British coastal waters to help secure a deal across the line.

Christophe Hansen, the representative for Brexit in the European Parliament, said the bloc must be prepared to meet Boris Johnson’s hunting demands in order to reach an agreement.

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“There will be concessions in fisheries,” said the European Parliament member in Luxembourg.

“The status quo, this is a place we will not get to.”

Bernd Lange, Head of Trade in the European Parliament: “Midnight has already come fifth.

“We need a text, otherwise the democratic ratification and inspection by the European Parliament would be a farce.”

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