Brazilian scientists demand transparency in research for former Conacyt officials

The Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC) Send a letter to Mexico’s ambassador to BrazilAnd Jose Ignacio Peña Rojas, to indicate that they share “the concern expressed by many other scientific organizations” about the status of the 31 Scientists and staff at the Science and Technology Advisory Forum (CONASET) who have been accused of organized crime before Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR).

“We share the concern expressed by many other scientific organizations that our colleagues may be harassed by the government and respectfully request the good offices of this embassy to ensure that the search for these scientists is consistent with the principles of legality and the rights of human beings,” the letter says.

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members academia I mentioned that they have knowledge of the case through Network of international academic academies and associations for human rights, of which they are part. “From the information we have been able to access, in recent weeks The Attorney General of Mexico several overlap arrest warrantsn against these people, alleging their participation in organized crime And Money launderingHe demanded the arrest of those involved in a maximum security prison.

The academia They said they know that the accusations of organized crime Operations with illicitly sourced resources “involve severe penalties, including the possibility of decades in prison,” and they highlighted that a federal judge found no evidence of wrongdoing, which refused to grant arrest warrants against the defendants. Scientists what or what FGR He responded by saying that he would review the case to issue arrest warrants.

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There are frequent efforts to arrest and detain such persons. Based on the legal arguments rejected by The Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico, are efforts incompatible with obligations Mexico Under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the American Convention on Human Rights, which promulgate Right to a fair trial and the right not to be subjected to arbitrary arrest.”

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a federal judge Denied this October 14 to Rafael Pando CerroneFormer Director of Technological Planning, Evaluation and Supervision at the National Council for Science and Technology (CONASET), The Final comment Application against the Public Prosecutor specializing in organized crime matters from Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR).

with the supplier, Kunasit Academy He sought to protect himself from any Pickup order For crimes that do not deserve unofficial pretrial detention. Bando Siron He is one of their 31 scientists FGR Indicates a potential commission from crimes Committed to resources from Scientific and technological advisory forum (FCCyT).

Just last October, a federal judge awarded the former official temporary suspension. The Sixth Circuit Judge of Amparo in Mexico City criminal matters has refused to turn to the former official With What the OTP can move forward detention.

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