Brazil is shocked by the killing of humanitarian workers in Gaza

In an official note, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “also expresses its regret over the killing of Palestinian civilians and health workers and the damage resulting from the military action in recent weeks, which led to the destruction of Al-Shifa Hospital, where medical aid was provided to residents of the Gaza Strip.” Gaza is necessary.

Expressing its solidarity with the people of Palestine and the other countries of origin of the victims (Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Poland), and especially their families, Brazil deplores the killing of more than 200 humanitarian workers in Gaza due to October 2023.

He points out that this number is the largest in the history of the United Nations and “represents, in less than six months of conflict, nearly three times more casualties among humanitarian workers than have been recorded in any single conflict, in a period of one year.” anus.”

The Brazilian Executive Authority affirms its categorical rejection of any military action against civilian targets, especially those linked to the provision of humanitarian aid and medical assistance.

It also stresses the importance of adhering to the immediate ceasefire demand contained in UN Security Council Resolution 2728, approved on March 25.

Recalls the mandatory nature of the precautionary measures issued by the International Court of Justice on 26 January and extended on 28 March within the framework of the operation initiated against Israel, on the basis of the Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

More than 32 thousand dead and 70 thousand wounded is the initial outcome of the military operation launched by the Zionist forces on land, air and sea against Gaza since last October 7, when the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) launched an operation against the Israeli occupation forces. The occupation is more than 70 years.

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