Brazil announced the construction of a memorial museum for the Covid-19 pandemic

“When we talk about the memorial and the politics of memory, because this is what we are proposing, we are not limiting the Covid-19 pandemic to the past,” Sector Minister Nicia Trindade said at the opening of the exhibition. – Seminar on the conception and creation of the Covid-19 Pandemic Memorial.

He pointed out that “like all thinking about memory, we know the political element present in acts of memory. At the same time, we remember that although the health emergency has been overcome, we have not overcome COVID-19 as a public health problem.”

The location chosen for the museum, according to Trindade, is the Cultural Center of the Ministry of Health in Rio.

The minister stated that the World Health Organization is currently discussing establishing a mechanism to confront emergencies and epidemics that does not allow the repetition of scenarios such as those recorded in June 2021.

In this period, a Covid-19 vaccine has been registered and widely marketed, but only 10% of countries have access to it.

“It is not because of denial, as we live in Brazil, but because of inequalities in the distribution and production of vaccines and other supplies,” he noted.

He considered that, “When we talk about the memorial, we are talking about the important relationship between memory and history. “We are not limited to the past, but we are also thinking about the project we want for health, for Brazil, for democracy and for the world.”

According to the representative of the National Network of Entities of Family Members and Victims of Covid, Rosangela Dornelles, the epidemic has left traces of deep suffering among the Brazilian population.

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In reference to the government of former President Jair Bolsonaro, he denounced, “In Brazil, the matter has been exacerbated by the state's irresponsibility in coordinating measures to combat it, the dismantling of public services, and the denial of confronting it.” 2019-2022). .

The ministry said in a statement that it will launch a public call to select the monument that will house the memorial, allowing artists, architects and other professionals to participate in the proposal.

Such a site would host a long-term exhibition featuring the most important events during the pandemic.


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