Brad Pitt suffers from a rare and incurable disease and this is his health condition

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Brad Pitt is one of the most famous men in Hollywood, For this reason, he drew attention to the fact that the actor talked about the disease he suffers from; In addition to being very rare, it is incurable according to doctors. It’s about facial blindness and now we’ll tell you what it’s all about.

This condition is also known as “facial blindness”; Although it is still being studied at the moment, he told an international journal that he suffers from the condition and that they are looking for what can be found behind it.

“A lot of people hate me because they think I don’t respect them. Every now and then someone gives me context and I say, ‘Thank you for helping me.'” “But there are people who hate me because they think I have no respect for them,” Pete revealed. to Esquire about his condition in 2013.

Brad Pitt

The actor said that one of the symptoms was that he had difficulty recognizing the features of the other person, even though they worked together; That’s why many thought he was “a cocky, conceited person.” “It’s a mystery to me, I can’t remember a face,” the actor said.

In this regard, doctors continue to investigate and follow up on his condition, as it is a neurological condition that makes facial recognition difficult.

How is his uncle recognizing faces, an illness Brad Pitt has?

According to the UK’s National Health Service, this condition can begin with symptoms such as:

  1. Problems of recognizing people’s faces in everyday life
  2. Difficulty recognizing familiar faces
  3. Delay in linking famous or well-known faces
  4. Not recognizing an individual’s identity

According to the NeuroClass website, “The term facial recognition agnosia was first described in 1947 by neurologist Joachim Bodamer, who described the clinical case of a 24-year-old patient with a gunshot wound to the head.”

Brad Pitt’s condition can be caused by brain injuries, head injuries, and central nervous system infections. Like the hysterical meningitis he’s been suffering from for several years.

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