Boris Johnson under scrutiny in UK elections

Millions of Britons were called to the polls in municipal and regional elections this Thursday It is the first electoral test for Boris Johnson After the Downing Street party scandal during the pandemic. The local election agenda on this occasion was dominated by national issues such as the significant increase in the cost of living and the embarrassing events that occurred in Westminster.

Dissatisfied voters accuse the government of not doing enough to mitigate the impact of the economic crisis on families And 58% oppose his administration. At the same time, the realization that the Prime Minister and other members of his government, such as Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, had broken the law, while citizens had to remain isolated, has severely damaged the credibility of the executive branch.

The elections seek to renew 146 councils in England (half of the existing councils). 22 local councils in Scotland and 22 in Wales. In London, jobs in 32 districts of the capital are at risk. This does not include the election of a mayor. Acting Sadiq Khan already renewed his term for the second time last year. The Labor Party almost completely dominates the capital. The Conservatives will try to keep London neighborhoods like Barnett and Wandsworth And they don’t think they’re in danger in Westminster. Losing any of them would be great.

The election is an opportunity to assess the leadership and electoral assets of Boris Johnson, exactly when his future is on the cusp: We are waiting for the famous Partygate report, Which could mean a 10th eviction. The outlook is poor for Johnson. You won’t know the results until Friday. Counting in the UK is slower than in other countries, and in many areas it won’t start until Friday morning.

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Sinn Fein Chances

In Northern Ireland, 90 seats are elected to the Stormont Assembly and the nationalists elect the shin fen They can achieve victory for the first time in a century. trade unionists in DUPThey warned, the most voted force to date, that they were not ready to form a new independent government if that outcome was confirmed and continued to demand the scrapping of the trade agreement with the European Union implemented after Brexit.

Opinion polls assume that the Conservatives will suffer losses in these municipalities, but at the same time Labor will moderate gains. Most of the at-risk city councils and councils are urban and are already in the hands of the Labor Party, which, analysts have emphasized, does not give room for a wide sweep from the start. Other parties, such as The Liberal Democrats and the Greens, They hope to gain ground at the expense of the two main squads.

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