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This does not respond, however; to uncertainty over whether the world number one will be able to play his third major slam of the season in June.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has spoken about whether his country will allow Novak Djokovic to enter Wimbledon and said he believes everyone should be vaccinated because she is “brilliant”.

This does not respond, however; Uncertainty over whether the world number one will be able to play a third Grand Slam tournament of the season in June, although current UK law allows non-vaccinated people to enter, as long as they submit a negative PCR before traveling and performing a ten-day quarantine that will have to During which two more project completion reports were conducted, on the second and eighth days.

In the event of going to London, Djokovic will be able to break confinement with the PCR on the fifth day of his arrival.

“It is important that the Australian authorities make their own decisions. All I will say about the case of Djokovic, who, by the way, played tennis, is a good thing, is that I believe in vaccination and that it is a wonderful thing,” Johnson said.

I think that everyone should trust this (vaccination) program, because it allows this country to be one of the best economies in Europe and, at the same time, protects the whole world. “It has great advantages,” the prime minister added.

Documents emerging from the experience that Djokovic won in Melbourne revealed that the Serbian had not been vaccinated, which could complicate his journeys on the track. At the moment, both Roland Garros and Wimbledon, the Grand Slams of this season, are not opposed to the arrival of the Serbian. (Dr)

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