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The university world continues to do. It does so through the Santander X 100 initiative in which a collaborative network is created through which universities and entrepreneurs can exchange ideas, knowledge and innovation.

The initiative was launched in cooperation with 40 universities. Its goal is to become the largest university entrepreneurship ecosystem in the world.

Santander X 100 is established with the goal of creating a collaborative network between universities and entrepreneurs. Indeed, it allows universities to share best practices, monitor entrepreneurship programs and measure their impact.

This program hopes to grow in the coming years. There are already 11 countries participating in this initiative, although Santander X began its journey with start-ups and expansion from Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, the United States, Spain, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

innovative proposals

Companies that want to be a part of this environment must have a sound financial position, an approved business model, an innovative value proposition, an organized team, and a productive roadmap with positive and sustainable development. To all this is added a detailed analysis of the competition.

Among the participating startups are MotionMiners (Germany); Ebers and Woza Labs (Argentina); Soma, Taki and Connect (Brazil); Lexgo (Chile); Currency Alliance, FILMPEDIA, Fundeen, HumanITcare, Triditive (Spain); HF Capital and Stoke (USA), Cuéntame, Finloop, Social Piper, Tandem and Xilinat (Mexico). the domains Alyne and Breeze Technologies (Germany); VU Security (Argentina); BEDU, Canard Drones, Connecting Insights, Estimated Energy and Urban Mobility Scoobic and Zapiens Technologies (Spain); Whyline (USA), CoGo, MyDocSafe and Plastecowood (UK).

The Global Director of Universities of Santander, Javier Rogla, affirms that the community of entrepreneurs created through this program “represents a great opportunity for its members to exchange experiences, increase their network, expand their business and contribute to their progress and to the rest of the companies”. As he said, “It adds significant value to its transformative goal and creates a more positive and, above all, greater global impact.”

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To date, the company has allocated more than 2,000 million euros in total to this type of program and awarded more than 630,000 scholarships, grants and prizes to students, professionals, entrepreneurs and SMEs.

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