Bombader runs the first Argentine Academy of Forensic Sciences

The famous lawyer and distinguished academic, Jorge Eduardo Bombader, is the president of the first Argentine Academy of Forensic Sciences, based in Corrientes. The Academy is a union of the wills of the most prestigious jurists in the country.

Yesterday they signed the incorporation act at the University of Unne Law School, Doctors Lara Leguizamon (Unne), Ricardo Basilico (judge of Oral Criminal Court Chamber No. 8 of the Federal Capital), Gustavo Lusina (National University of Cordoba). ); Gustavo Aposo (Defender of the Federal District Chamber); Gustavo Arosina (National University of Cordoba), Horacio Romero Villanueva (UBA) and Jorge Villada (Salta).

“Criminal science is a conceptual theoretical tool. Improvement will come with legal reforms. We will provide ongoing training and assistance,” Buompadre explained.

“It is a space for diffusion. It is the first of its kind in Argentina devoted purely and exclusively to the study, analysis, criticism, publication and presentation of criminal sciences, not just criminal law. This is a broader concept that includes criminology, criminal policy, forensic anthropology, criminal psychology, psychiatry and criminal procedure. He explained that criminal law It does not exist in the law.

“The idea is to create training courses, specializations, and master’s and doctoral degrees,” he added.

“One of the main objectives we have set for ourselves the founding members, that we five are devoted to this cause, is to create an association that is exempt from any political influence. We do not want to have anything to do with politics. He emphasized that science and scientific activity only move and unite us”, and since we are five dedicated to this Subject, the goal is to create an association exempt from any political impact. We don’t want to have anything to do with politics. Only science and scientific activity move and unite us.”

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