Bolsonaro says there are three alternatives waiting for him in the future: “Arrest, die, or win.”


30 before 2021 00:15 GMT

The Brazilian leader ruled out the possibility that he would end up in prison because, in his opinion, he was “doing the right thing”.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro listed three possible outcomes for him after the 2022 presidential election. “I have three alternatives for my future: Be in jail, die, or winThis Saturday, speaking with a group of evangelical leaders in Goiania, he announced, Pick up St. 1.

At the same time, the president warned that he will never be imprisoned, because he is doing well, despite being investigated in five investigations, which are being conducted in Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court (STF) and in the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE). ). “You can be sure of it The first alternative does not exist. I’m doing the right thing and I don’t owe anyone anything. I’ve always been where people are.”

He declared that court charges undermine democracy and criticized the “arbitrary measures” of justice. He stressed that “no man here on earth will frighten me,” mentioned above by AFP.

Investigations against Bolsonaro and his supporters

Currently, the highest Brazilian court is studying, among other cases, a scheme Systematic and organized dissemination of false informationwhich were supposedly organized by the president with the aim of weakening institutions and democracy. Meanwhile, another investigation, in TSE, achieve Bolsonaro for unproven attacks on electronic voting and attempts to delegitimize the country’s electoral system.

In addition, many of the president’s allies have been subjected in recent days to operations against offensive actions against democracy and state institutions. STF judge, Alexandre de Moraes, export A total of 13 search and seizure orders, which the Federal Police complied with on the morning of August 20. Orders Including actions against federal deputy and evangelical pastor Ottone de Paula; It is implemented “in the Federal District (1), as well as in the states of Santa Catarina (6), São Paulo (2), Rio de Janeiro (1), Mato Grosso (1), Ciara (1) and Parana (1).

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In addition, Bolsonaro faces critics Through how it deals with the problems facing the state in the political and economic sphere, such as inflation, unemployment, increased poverty and the risk of power outages, due to the low level of reservoirs in hydroelectric power stations. While the Brazilian president has tightened his rhetoric and confronts the electoral and judicial authorities, his popularity has fallen to historic lows in the face of elections Next year, as polls were in favor of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

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