Bolivian Vice President Reinaugurates Historic Palace

“From Isla del Sol, where there is an invaluable energy treasure, we will begin to heal Mother Earth,” said the vice president of the archaeological site reconstructed with the resources and work of the Yeomanian community in the municipality of Copacabana, 155 kilometers from La Paz.

Chuquihuanca, dressed in a suit similar to the one worn by Manco Capac, when he left Belcoquina, according to historians, to found the Inca Empire, insisted that Pachamama was mortally wounded and that it was necessary to save balance and “our roots”.

During his speech, he insisted on the importance of Wiphala as a symbol of noble integration, and reaffirmed the need to live in harmony, respect and peace.

He asked for the consolidation of the building of the multinational state to return to the “ñandereco” (our way of being) and in this way the culture of unity and brotherhood flourishes and racism, individualism, exclusion and hatred die.

The author of Geapolitica del vivir bien asserted: “All of those whom we feed ourselves with the milk of Mother Earth (water) are brothers, people, plants and animals, similar and different, complementing each other.”

Chuquihuanca reaffirmed the Plurinational State’s commitment to the development of sustainable tourism in Isla del Sol, La Luna and all of Lake Titicaca.

He stressed that all these spaces rich in cultural and natural heritage will be promoted as tourist destinations that respect the integrity of Mother Earth, and must achieve integration between local communities and visitors.

This action was attended by the Minister of Cultures, Sabina Orellana. Productive Development and the Pluralistic Economy, Nestor Huanca; Deputy Minister of the Tourism Sector Eliana Ampuero; National legislators and leaders of social organizations.

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In statements to the press, Ampuero indicated that Lake Titicaca was one of the most requested destinations by foreign travelers who visited it in 2022, with a number of 40,000 and contributed an economic movement of three million dollars.

In particular, Isla del Sol has attractions such as the Sacred Rock or the Stone of Origin. The footsteps of the sun, the Chincana, the palace now, the stairs and the Inca fountain have all been restored.

For his part, Huanca confirmed that Bolivia expects a tourism influx of 1.2 million visitors for the current year, and it is expected to generate income of $998 million.

This work is brought to life through the indigenous music and dances of the indigenous community members of the area.


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